Lessons from Nature


With our fast-paced, modern lifestyles, we often overlook the gifts nature offers.  When we slow down, listen, and notice the natural world around us, we discover wisdom, guidance, and insight that can be applied to our everyday living.  Many have described nature as a great teacher.  When you look closely into nature, you encounter sacredness, mystery, awe and wonder.

In Lessons from Nature, author Kathy Roy shares reflections and life lessons learned from observing the natural world.  This compilation offers a treasure of inspiration and guidance for the heart and soul.

Lyrical and charming, Lessons from Nature, is a special book that will ignite magic in your life.  Filled with the wisdom of wind, light, fire and water, once you’ve finished this little gem, you’ll never see the natural world (or yourself) in the same way again.”  – Cheryl Richardson, author of Waking Up in Winter

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Lessons from Nature is an inspiring book about spirituality and nature that will nourish your heart and soul.


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