Last year, I received these encouraging words in a Christmas card from a woman that I have never met in person:

“Keep inspiring the world.” 

This woman had purchased my Heart Note cards a few years ago and we had talked on the phone a few times and exchanged a few emails.  As a result of this, I was blessed to be added to her Christmas card list.

The short message she wrote touched my heart very deeply and made me realize how little it can take to truly inspire another person.  When we show up with the gifts that we have to offer, we spread the light of love, encouragement and inspiration.  Even if we don’t get a chance to see it, we can have faith that this light is at work.

I have been so grateful to receive this Christmas card and the brief message within it and I have kept the card where I can see it.  In fact, I carried it with me everywhere I went as I worked on my book, Lessons from Nature.  Her words of encouragement acted like oil in my lamp to keep the flame of motivation burning within me.  Her card was like a talisman that helped me stay true to the dream to write this book and to share it with others.  Her words were the encouragement I needed to keep working, even when it got hard.  Looking at the card reminded me that all the effort of creating is worth it if my work touches the heart of even one person who needs it.

Our words of encouragement are a source of light that we can share with others.  When we offer words of encouragement to someone, we are blowing on the flame of courage that lives within them, providing fuel to help them rise and meet the challenges in their life.

I would invite you to take a moment to reflect upon the times that you have received encouragement from others in your life by downloading the Reflection Sheet below:

When we follow our hearts and share words of encouragement, we truly have no idea how those words may impact others.  Encouraging words take a moment to say, but can spark a light within others that can shine on for days, months and years into the future.

May our words of encouragement help each other live with a courageous heart.

 A Soothing tongue is a tree of life.
Proverbs 15:4