The Nature Connection

May 12, 2021

Week One – The Nature Connection

Seek out a tree and let it teach you

-Eckhart Tolle

Welcome to Week One of the Writing Dance

We will begin the Writing Dance by setting our intention for these four weeks of exploration.

Then we will engage in our first writing practice that draws upon the gift of curiosity and our connection with the natural world.  This is a writing process that invites nature to be the Muse that guides you to connect with your soul’s wisdom.

To me the door to the woods 
is the door to the temple.

-Mary Oliver, Upstream

The Writing Practice

The writing practice that we used this week is one that helps us explore the gifts from our connection to the natural world.  Please click the link below to print a copy of the practice to use whenever you wish.  

Note:  The handout will be provided immediately following our first gathering.

Words of Inspiration

There are many authors who find their inspiration from nature.  The following are some words of wisdom from Victoria Erickson.  You may wish to print a copy and have it near you this week.  

Note:  The handout will be provided immediately following our first gathering.

In Closing

I hope that you have enjoyed this writing practice and that you discovered a treasure waiting for you as you worked with it.  May you come back to this practice whenever you need to mine the gold from your experiences in nature.

Many blessings,

Kathy by the Ocean

Connect & Share

You are invited to share a word of wisdom about your experience with this writing practice.  So often, what we share will help another, so may our words be ones that encourage and support one another.