The Writing Dance

A Series of Writing Workshops

A Series of Writing Practices

May 12, 19, 26, and June 2, 2021
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm Atlantic Time
(1:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm MST)
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There are poems, prayers and reflections living within each of us that long for expression.

The practices shared through the Writing Dance will help set them free.

Time to Write

I have often thought of writing as a dance.  It is a dance with the blank page, a dance with inspiration, a dance with fear, a dance with adventure, a dance with the unknown, a dance with words and a dance with our soul’s voice.

Every day that I show up to write, I am not sure what aspect of the writing process I will be dancing with that day.

In this series of workshops, I invite you to join me in the Writing Dance.


The Writing Dance Invitation

During these four weeks, we will explore a number of ways to enter into the process of writing.

We will use eco-spiritual writing exercises that explore your connection to nature.  We will also engage Focusing approaches to self-expression that draw upon the wisdom of your senses.

Throughout our time together, you can expect to connect with your own inner wisdom and the voice of your soul as you are guided through these processes of self-expression.

Each session will begin with a time of grounding and settling in that will lead into a writing practice.    After each practice, there will be time for sharing and discussion, but there is never an expectation that you must share what you have written.

It is my intention that this will be a safe space to nurture the writer within so that you will have tools to help you enter into the writing dance whenever you need.  Tools, like grounding yourself, asking questions that lead you into a time of writing, then organizing what you have written in a way that expresses what your soul yearns to say.

The processes we will explore are reflective and meditative.  They will help you tap into the well of wisdom within and around you.

Each session will run approximately 2 hours.

What to Expect Each Week…

Week 1: Calling upon Our Nature Connection

We will introduce ourselves to one another and each set our intention for these four weeks of exploration.  We will engage our first writing experience that draws upon the gift of curiosity and our connection to the natural world.  This is a writing process that invites nature to be the guide that draws you into connection with your soul’s wisdom.

Week 2:  Discovering the Poem Within

We will engage in a practice that will draw out the poet within you.  You will be surprised to discover that there is a poem within you that is waiting to be written.  Through this guided process, we will create space for the poem to emerge.

Week 3:  Expressing through the Elements

We will invite the elements of earth, wind, air and water to draw us into a time of writing that engages us creatively with the wisdom of the natural world.  Through this practice, we may discover that a poem or a prayer naturally emerges.

Week 4:  Writing as Adventure

We will use a Focusing writing practice that helps us follow the threads of an idea or topic that we have wanted to put into words, but may not have quite known how to do it.  Through a series of questions that guide us to connect with our body’s wisdom, we will discover more and more clarity as words make their way onto the page.

What You Dance Away With…

The Writing Dance series seeks to offer you entry points into the writing process so that your soul can express itself more fully and completely.

You may use these practices to support your own personal journaling practice, poetry or memoir writing. They may help you in writing blog posts and content for your business, or they may help you get started on the book you long to write.

You will be able to use these practices to help you enter the writing dance in whatever way is calling to you.

Join the Writing Dance

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Frequently Asked Questions…

Will the sessions be recorded?

Each session will be offered as a live workshop through Zoom.  The sessions will not be recorded, so please be prepared to attend in person.

Will I be expected to share what I write?

After each session, there will be time for sharing and discussion, but there is never any expectation that you must share what you have written.  In this series of workshops, we view writing is a sacred process of expression.  You may share if you feel moved to do so.

How do I access the workshops?

When you enroll in the program, you will be given access to sign in to the Spirit Garden Member area.  Here you will find the Zoom link for each session.  Any handouts included in the program will also be found here.  

Kathy at the beach

I hope that you will join me in this Writing Dance series.

As we go on this adventure together, I will also share some of what has helped me develop my writing practice.

I look forward to taking this writing adventure together!

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