The Poetry Studio 

with Kathy Roy

Welcome to the Poetry Resources Section

In this Appendix section, I wanted to offer you some of the poetry resources that I have found helpful over the years.  Below, you will find links to poetry books, as well as poetry teachers.  May these resources be an enriching source of inspiration for you.


Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.

-William Wordsworth

Poetry Guides

Over the years, I have taken a number of poetry classes with Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer.  Rosemerry has an almost magical way of helping you release the poems that you didn’t even know where waiting to be written.  If you get a chance to take part in one of her poetry classes, I hope you take it.  You can find out more about all that Rosemerry offers on her website, which is linked below:

Poetry Books

What a gift a book can be, especially a book of poems that touch the heart and spark the imagination.  The links below are to some of my favourite books of poetry that you may also enjoy.  These are not affiliate links, they are simply suggestions being offered.

Devotions by Mary Oliver

Edge of Wonder by Victoria Erickson

To Bless the Space Between Us by John O’Donohue

All Along You Were Blooming by Morgan Harper Nichols


In Closing

Inspiration for a poem resides all around us.  The gifts of poetry, are that it helps us have eyes to see the beauty in our midst, it helps us name the sorrows, and it helps us make sense of the spectrum of emotions that moves through us from day to day.  Mary Oliver once wrote that her best advice is, “Pay Attention.  Be astonished.  Share your astonishment.”   Sharing what has astonished us is perhaps the greatest gifts of poetry.