The Poetry Studio

A Collection of Poems by Kathy Roy

A Collection of Poems

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Earlier this year, I was having a conversation with someone and they said to me, “You must have written enough poems to create a book by now.”

Their comment sparked the idea that I didn’t want to create a poetry book.  What I wanted was to create a poetry experience.  I wanted people to be able to hear the poems spoken aloud and I wanted each poem to be a beautiful poster with graphics or images that conveyed the essence of the poem.  I wanted to engage the senses in a way that brings the poems to life.

My dream while gathering together this original collection of poems for the Poetry Studio has been that this experience might invite you into a moment of:

  • Reflection
  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Or Journaling.

I invite you to join me in the soul-nourishing space of The Poetry Studio.


A Moment to Savour

I once heard it said that a poem is born when the heart is so full that it spills over with joy, reverence, love, or lament.  The book of Psalms is filled with such outpourings, as are the writings of Rumi and Mary Oliver.

Poetry is a language of the soul seeking to express that strange mingling of longing and reverence for the Life within and around us.

Poetry invites us to slow down and sip from the nectars of Life.

The Poetry Studio Includes…

An audio recording of each poem for you to listen to.

A beautiful PDF file of each poem for you to download, save, print or share.

An introduction section offering suggestions for using poetry as part of your spiritual practice.

A bonus section offering Poetry Prompts that make it easy to begin creating your own poems.

An Appendix offering some poetry resources.

A growing collection of poems.  As I write new poems, they will be added to The Poetry Studio.

A Peak Inside the Poetry Studio

To Live Life as Art

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A poem inspired by the creative people in the world who have shown me what it is to live a textured life.  May this poem speak to the creative spark in you.  You can print a written copy of the poem by clicking on the button below.

Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words.

-Edgar Allan Poe

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Frequently Asked Questions…

Once I join how do I access all of the content?
Once you join The Poetry Studio, you can access all the content by clicking on the Members button on the menu bar of the Spirit Garden website.  This takes you to the login page where you enter your user name and password.
How long do I have access to The Poetry Studio once I have purchased it?
You will have unlimited access to the Poetry Studio for the lifetime of this website.
Can I share access to the Poetry Studio with another person?

No.  Please honour the work that has gone into this collection by not sharing access with those who have not enrolled.  

Can I share the poems with others?

You may share the poems as long as when you do so, you ensure to accredit the author, Kathy Roy.

Can I get a refund?
Once access has been given to The Poetry Studio, you cannot get a refund.

When the world feels too small, it is time for a poem.

-Tara Mohr

Kathy at the beach

My hope is that the Poetry Studio will become a place you return to over and over again for inspiration.  

May you find peace, beauty and connection to the world within and without as you spend time with these poems.

Through poetry, we marry the inner world with the outer world.

-Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer