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A place to come for resources, support and inspiration for nurturing your contemplative life.

Drawing from the world’s wisdom traditions, Spirit Garden offers programs and materials that tend to your soul.

Anam Cara

In the Celtic tradition, there is a beautiful saying, Anam Cara, which  means ‘Soul Friend.’  At Spirit Garden, we seek to offer programs, resources, and reflections that befriend the soul.  Here is a little bit about what we offer:

Ritual & Ceremony

Across traditions, ritual and ceremony is used to connect to our inner life and honour our life transitions.  Ritual and Ceremony is a language of the soul and creates sacred space.  At Spirit Garden, we offer support for incorporating ritual and ceremony into your daily living and special moments, whether it is blessing a new home, a baby, a retirement, creating a wedding ceremony, or celebrating life.

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Spiritual Practices

Spiritual practices can offer a foundation and framework that supports our daily living.  From walking in nature, to meditation, prayer and inspirational reading, spiritual practices nurture and enliven the soul.  At Spirit Garden, we incorporate contemplative practices into all our offerings and hope that they will support you in ways that sooth the soul, spark creativity and deepen gratitude, peace and presence.

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Contemplative Courses

We delight in offering on-line courses and in-person retreats that explore contemplative spirituality.  Our programs draw inspiration from the heart of the world’s wisdom traditions to support your spiritual journey.

Spirit Garden Reflections

Free Sample

Spirit Garden Reflections is our monthly membership program that offers an inspirational message, journaling exercises, guided meditations and so much more…

Yes! I’d love to try a free sample of Spirit Garden Reflections, called The Power of Words.

Our Offerings 

Our on-line courses and products feature interactive materials that help you tend to your soul.  Whether it is through journaling practices, creative activities or spiritual practices, you will find something here that engages you.  We also delight in building community and learning together with on-line book studies and discussions.  We look forward to having you join us soon!

Book Studies

A book study is a way to have delicious conversation about things that are meaningful.  Periodically, Kathy hosts a book study through Zoom and would be delighted to have you join.

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Journaling can be a path of discovery, one that helps us listen to our soul.  In our shop, courses and blog posts you will find downloadable journals with questions and prompts for exploration.

Creative Expression

Aristotle once said that the soul never thinks without an image.  We express these images through music, poetry, pottery, art, photography, writing and more.  In our courses, we invite the creative expression of the soul.

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From the Blog

Our blog offers resources and inspiration for Soul Care, Books to Read, Spiritual Practices and much more.  Here are the latest posts we have to offer you.

Just Do Your Best

Just Do Your Best

The other day, I was making my bed and the words, “Just do your best”, came to me.  I had been feeling overwhelmed by the roller coaster of emotions that this whole experience with Covid19 has created.  Like many of you, I have had moments of grief, of anger, of fear,...

Encouraging Words

Encouraging Words

Last year, I received these encouraging words in a Christmas card from a woman that I have never met in person: "Keep inspiring the world."  This woman had purchased my Heart Note cards a few years ago and we had talked on the phone a few times and exchanged a few...

Giving and Receiving

Giving and Receiving

As the season of spring unfolds, I have been pondering the balance between giving and receiving in our working and living.  Life is blossoming and unfurling in a generative and generous way right now.  Yet all of this blossoming comes after a time of deep rest and...

Lessons from Nature

A Spirit Garden Book

In Lessons from Nature, author Kathy Roy shares reflections and life lessons learned from observing the natural world.  This compilation offers a treasure of inspiration and guidance for the heart and soul.

Yes, I’d love to experience the course, Cultivating Awe and Wonder, based on Lessons from Nature!


Listen for the whispers of your soul.

-Nancy Lankston

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