There is so much struggle around the world these days that I have been at a loss as to how to even pray for all of the suffering taking place right now.  So I found myself simply allowing the desire to pray to become a prayer in itself.

By simply holding this desire before the Divine, what came to me was a need to bring some lightness into the world.  I had an image of standing by the ocean and blowing bubbles, like a child, and imagining that each bubble was carrying a prayer of lightness that would lift up someone in need.  It was a playful image of praying with the element of Air.

Air is the element that is known to set things in motion.  Air feeds fire and fans the flame of passion and vitality.  Air creates currents and moves water, which is the element associated with deeply held emotions and grief.

Air lifts, elevates, carries and creates movement.

The element of Air is also known as the invisible breathe of Spirit that animates all of life.

Last weekend, I bought some jars of bubbles and talked my husband into joining me at the ocean’s edge.  Together, we waved our bubble wands through the air and watched the iridescent spheres stream out over the water carrying our hopes, prayers and intentions to lighten the load we are all carrying these days.

It seems like such a simple thing, but this embodied form of praying without words felt so healing.  I believe that prayer is energy and that our playfulness and deep desire to ease the suffering in the world was imbued into each of our bubbles and it set in motion the energy of love.   I believe these prayer-filled bubbles are now woven into the fabric of our world.

Sometimes, when we have no words, we can trust that our bodies carry our prayers.  We can dance our prayer, draw our prayer, cry our prayer and even make prayer-filled bubbles.

It was only after carrying out this practice of creating prayer-filled bubbles that words began to form into a blessing:

May a moment of delight cause healing laughter to bubble within you this day.

May a word of kindness light upon you and cause a smile to grace your lips.

May helping hands reach out and lighten the load you carry.

May the grief and weariness you feel be held with reverent tenderness.

May childlike wonder and curiosity move you into new adventures.

May the breath of the Beloved lift you upon its current.

As we continue to move through this month, may the invisible breath of Love be made visible in the world through our actions as well as our words.

With bubbling blessings,

Note: After reading this, you may feel the need to create some bubble prayers yourself!  If you do, during this time of pandemic please ensure that you make the bubbles by waving the wand through the air, rather than by blowing them.  Thank you!